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The agricultural sector is now finally experiencing a transformation with the power of the internet and e-commerce!

Prior to now, agriculture has largely lagged behind other sectors when it comes to using technology. This is now changing. A range of businesses are popping up that are now leveraging technology to create value in this sector. One of the emerging areas is e-commerce and there’s a new marketplace that is focusing solely on the buying and selling of fresh farm produce such as fruits and vegetables between businesses online:

This has the potential to significantly grow sales in this area, which is particularly helpful for developing economies that are looking for new and exciting ways to grow their exports and their economies.

FarmLinkr offers:

  • An online store that sellers can open to list their produce to an international market
  • A payments engine for making and receiving payments via credit cards or PayPal
  • Customer service and technical support as and when required
  • Ongoing development for business through its periodic promotions
  • A dedicated blog used primarily for generating traffic to

For a quick overview of FarmLinkr and what it has to offer, you may watch this short introductory video:

The website has a lot of additional information that will help you understand all it has to offer and how it works.

With online transactions growing at a rate 3 times faster than the more traditional methods, any business serious about significantly growing their sales, will need to have an online presence. If you are a seller of fresh farm produce, and want to be a part of this exciting new transformation then visit to open up your new online store.

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