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We’re excited to announce that FarmLinkr now has both new listings and new vendors! Please welcome Plantain Garden Farmers Cooperative, featuring Local Pumpkins and Sweet Watermelons. Plantain Garden Farmers Cooperative is located in St Thomas and represents a group of farmers working together to grow, harvest and sell fresh Jamaican produce. Please visit their store when you need pumpkins and watermelons. The farm consists of other fresh produce too that will be listed over the coming weeks. Look out for these in the near future as these listings are aded to their offering.

Bush and Water joined the platform in August with their lovely fresh local callaloo listing. They’ve since added another well loved local green: fresh okra and a favourite Jamaican spice used in almost every local dish: local yellow onions. Additional bulk callaloo listings have also been added for persons wanting larger or smaller portions to meet the needs of their small businesses.

Peter B’s Farm has also expanded their listings to add another weight of their Juicy Locally Grown Salad Tomatoes; providing the option of a smaller weight for smaller buyers that do not require 500lbs in a single purchase.

Spread the word to your friends, family and business associates and farmers that you know. We’re working to grow the number and variety of produce listed as well as sales for our various farmer communities and vendors.

FarmLinkr is a global online marketplace for buying and selling fresh farm produce from local farmers. The platform is brand new and is currently in the process of working with farmers to get their online stores up and running. If you’re a farmer looking for more markets for your produce or have an interest in purchasing specific fresh produce items online, you may contact FarmLinkr.

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